Welcome, my name is Bruce Greenwood and as ELECTIA Consulting I work as a consultant and a coach in the areas of:

Bruce corporate

I partner with individuals, teams and organisations to support them to:

  • Have clarity on their goals.
  • Identify opportunities and means for improving their performance.
  • Achieve meaningful, sustainable change.

I offer expertise in the following coaching and consulting services:

  • Executive coaching and development coaching to support individual leaders to:
    • Identify and achieve meaningful personal development objectives.
    • Deal with challenging situations and periods of significant change.
  • Performance coaching for teams to increase their effectiveness by embedding the skills and behaviours of high performance teams.
  • Design and delivery of leadership development programmes to achieving meaningful and sustained personal development for the participants.
  • Consultancy support for large change programmes to ensure that comprehensive and effective change strategies are developed and implemented.
  • Consultancy support for individuals, teams and organisation to help them to make better decisions, and to learn how to make better decisions.

My practice is grounded in:

  • Neuropsychology, informed by my academic background in neuroscience and applied psychology.
  • Over 15 years of experience in large businesses, including ten years in leadership roles for teams, leadership development, and large change programmes.
  • Extensive experience of supporting clients as a consultant and a coach. 

If you would like to learn more about my approach, please watch the short video below, browse the sections of this website or get in touch using the information in the Contact section.

For my other videos, which explore the key principles of my practice in greater depth, please visit the Resources section.