The challenge

As a leader, you are required to deliver great results and to drive meaningful change, but in order to do so you must deal with uncertainty, complexity and human beings…

Providing effective leadership is rarely easy or straight-forward. You must make tough decisions and yet also carry others with you so that those decisions can be implemented.

You must engage, motivate, inspire, direct, course-correct, shepherd and fine-tune.

Most of all, you must be clear on what you stand for and what it is that you want to represent for others. You must know how to ‘hold’ a group of people, be it a team or a larger organisation, to enable them to function together effectively.

While a small number of people are blessed with a natural instinct for leadership, most leaders must work to develop their leadership capabilities and effectiveness. There are many theories, concepts and frameworks that can help. However, the most powerful enabler for skilful leadership is a deep understanding of “how people work”, psychologically, both as individuals and as groups.

So if you are a leader giving thought to your own development or someone responsible for leadership or organisation development, and if you are looking for support, some stimulus and/or a springboard, then please either:

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