“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” Peter Drucker

Leaders of teams and organisations must make decisions on a very frequent basis, often ‘in the moment’ and under pressure. They must also facilitate decision-making by their team or organisation. The best leaders work to optimise the decision-making practices of their team or organisation so that it can make better decisions more efficiently even without their guidance.

I partner with leaders and organisations to apply ELECTIA Consulting‘s decision-making practices in the following ways:

  • I provide executive coaching to leaders who are facing challenging situations or periods of significant change, or who want to make meaningful changes for their own development or the development of their team or organisation.
  • I provide performance coaching for leaders and teams to help them develop better individual and group decision making skills.
  • I provide consultancy services to organisations looking to strengthen the decision-making skills of their leaders.

To find out how the ELECTIA approach can improve your leadership or your organisation’s leadership development, please get in touch using the information in the Contact section.