I propose that leadership is best understood as an act of leading others from one place or situation to another. Therefore:

  • It exists in the moment; that is, it isn’t a permanent status or authority.
  • It is relational; that is, you aren’t a leader if no one is following you.
  • It is situational; that is, it relates to specific existing circumstances.
  • Leaders act as agents of change.

I believe that to be truly effective, leaders must have:

  • A character or identity that creates engagement, trust, confidence, enthusiasm and energy in those around them.
  • An understanding of how ideas are transmitted within social systems, and how new ideas will be received and understood by others.

My practice in executive coaching and leadership development is therefore focused on:

  • The development of the leader’s Self or identity; that is, their mental model of who they are as a person, where and how they fit into the world, their relationships with others, and their relationship with the change that they want to deliver.
  • The means by which a leader can drive the change that they wish to see through their effective use of their Self; for example, by building the trust, confidence and commitment of others through role-modelling the change, encouraging experimentation and learning, amplifying early successes, and so on.

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