Based on my academic background in neuroscience and applied psychology, the foundation of my practice as a consultant and a coach is a model of the neuropsychological processes by which we each make sense of the world around us, and of our place within it and our relationship to it.

This model enables us to understand how our brain, as a complex and adaptive biological system, makes sense of our environment and our experiences, and constructs our identity or Self. The model also helps us to understand humans as social animals, and human society as a complex and adaptive social system in which ideas are created, transmitted and reinforced.

Using this model, I support leaders to examine and better understand their own identity or Self, thereby improving their self-awareness and their self-control, enabling them to make more intentional and more impactful use of their Self in their role as a leader, and allowing them to make informed, conscious choices to direct their own development in an effective way.

This directed development of their Self, plus a better understanding of how ideas spread and are understood by others, allows leaders to act as effective agents of change within social systems and to drive the spread and adoption of new ideas, in other words, to drive ‘social infection’.

The following diagram summarises the five core principles of my practice.

To learn more about the core principles that underpin my practice and how you can apply them to your leadership development and change initiatives, please view the short videos that are available in the Resources section or get in touch using the information in the Contact section.