This page contains short videos that provide an overview of some of the key concepts that underpin my practice, and makes available to you some of the resources that I use to support clients.

Leadership and change: The following video defines “leadership” and describes the relationship between leadership and change, and it provides an overview of five core principles of my practice.

Leadership development as Self development: The following video explores the idea that our identity or ‘Self’ is our internal mental model of who we are, our place in the world and our relationship to it, and it outlines why I believe that leadership development should incorporate development of leaders’ Self. After the video, you will find the template for the “Who am I?” exercise.

Change as social infection: The following video looks at the fact that humans are a social species and that we socially construct our social identities, groups and culture. It explores the idea that change results from the spread and adoption of new ideas, or “social infection”, and it draws learnings for change initiatives from the coronavirus pandemic.

To learn more about any of the ideas described above or to talk about how I might help you or your organisation, please get in touch using the information in the Contact section.